Chosen Generation

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It is a privilege to know that we are a generation of purpose.  You are special and were created in God’s image.  He wants to raise you in order to make the difference in this world.  If you are tired, lonely, without hope and life, or if you simply know that there is something greater for you, we invite you to make us your family and find your reason of being.  God receives you just as you are.  We invite you to be part of our youth conferences, retreats, concerts, movies, lock-ins, bowling, sports and more.


Chosen Generation Youth Ministries is committed to raise a generation of success.  Our focus is to serve the youth in a different form, without “religion”, expressing the love of God.  We want every young person in the earth, teaching them their identity in Christ so that they may manifest the purpose for which they were created.

If you have a comment or a question, please feel free to call at (407) 343-4949.

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